Emre Ajans

We are a corporate advertising agency established in 1998, with an experienced team and experience, and even the awards brought by this success, which recognized the necessity of an advertising agency to produce ideas and work within the scope of "full service" and put it into practice long ago.

We provide services in all areas of advertising. It is our job to evaluate all kinds of needs that cause the advertiser to knock on our door and to provide the most appropriate solution without wasting time, effort and time. We like to create a brand from scratch or add value to an existing brand. Not only in terms of design, we are quite adept at traversing different ideas, different channels, and different paths rapidly. We will definitely examine the company that will be our customer from A to Z beforehand. We have a solid researcher identity as we carry out intensive campaigns for many brands from different sectors. We are well aware of the concerns of a customer who has never done advertising or a website. We know how to help by showing many examples that push the boundaries, to give ideas to the advertiser and to ensure that they are open to different works. Every step of the way, from establishing a strategy to accelerating marketing activities, before starting corporate work. We step in, we guide.

In order to achieve successful works, we need to work very meticulously and inquisitively, taking a serious time. For this reason, we prefer to work with a small but concise customer rather than trying to do business against time with a large customer portfolio. In addition to realizing the high-budget campaigns of big brands, we also gladly serve the advertiser who comes just to have a business card. We step in, we guide.