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What is e-commerce?
E-commerce; It is the concept of doing business online in a digital environment, which emerged with the increase in internet usage all over the world after 1995. E-Commerce is a shopping method that allows you to trade or place an order for any product or service on a website with various payment methods.
Organizations that have added e-commerce to their traditional marketing methods and sales activities in Turkey and in the world have started to include e-commerce in their processes by going beyond just selling to a specific location and point.
E-commerce is a very convenient form of commerce, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). E-commerce allows to increase sales and get faster payments by going beyond a certain point of sale. Intra-commerce is an important sales channel for businesses that have physical stores.
Among the factors that make e-commerce so popular are; e-commerce provides a direct relationship between the company and its target audience, provides marketers with the information they want, is fast and low-cost, and all these are done electronically. Other positive elements include convenience and cheapness in distribution, more comfortable interaction with the consumer, instant response, attention, meeting the global market, 24-hour service and instant sales.
The branding process, which takes an average of 10 years under normal conditions, has been reduced to 2 years thanks to electronic commerce. Today, there are dozens of e-companies established a few years ago on the "World's 500 largest companies" list.
The global Internet economy affects both commerce and politics. Business leaders around the world recognize the role the internet plays in their companies' ability to survive and compete. The need for companies to benefit from the power of the internet has emerged in order to compete in this new economy.
In 2017, two billion people made a mobile e-commerce transaction.
Customer-based electronic shopping models
Shopping model with credit card; For this job, the conditions of being a commercial organization are sought for those who provide goods and services.
EFT is used in transactions for the purpose of mutual exchange, mostly individual shopping, which is not a commercial enterprise.
In EFT application, it is not fully considered as electronic commerce in legal terms, because after unilateral money transfer, the other party can defend himself by saying that he sent his debt to me. As an alternative to this situation, transferring EFT to an intermediary account, that is, the approval waiting model in the pool, is used in some sites. This method is frequently used by an intermediary neutral commercial organization.

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