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What Does Organization Mean?
Organization is the process of establishing relationships in order to identify and group work to be done, define responsibility and authority, and enable people to work together most effectively in achieving goals. An order is created in which individuals from different backgrounds, different educational qualifications and various interests come together to work for a common purpose. Organization is a tool to achieve corporate goals. Each individual's job is defined and the authority and responsibility to carry it out are fixed.
Many modern organizations are functional and hierarchical. Isolated departments suffer from poor coordination and limited lateral communication. Often times, business is fragmented and segmented, and managers have a hard time getting things done. Processes offer a possible solution. In the broadest sense, they can be defined as the sum of tasks and activities that together and simply transform inputs into outputs. Within businesses, these inputs and outputs can be as diverse as materials, information, and people.
What are the organizational features?
Different authors look at the word organization from their own perspective. One thing common to all perspectives is the establishment of authority relationships among the people of the organization. The main features of the organization; division of labor, coordination, common goals, common relationships, and well-defined authority-responsibility relationships.

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