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What is promotion?
Persons or companies make materials with their names or company logos printed in order to convey their names or company names to more audiences and distribute these products for gift purposes. We call these distributed products promotional materials.
To give a little information;
- 57% of those who own promotional products remember the brand name. This rate is 28% in TV and 32% in Radio.
– 73% of customers are affected by promotional products when purchasing products.
So how does this need arise and how does the process work? There are many reasons for this need:
1- When companies are newly established, they make promotional materials suitable for their sectors and purposes and distribute these promotional materials in order to announce their names, occupations and contact information for the establishment announcement.
2-Companies make promotional material about this product for information purposes in order to launch a new product when it comes out.

3- When companies aim to grow, they make promotional materials to refresh their names.

4- When companies enter into a change in their corporate identity, they have promotional materials made in order to keep their new titles or logos in their memories.

5- When there is a change in the addresses of the companies, they make promotional materials to inform their customers or third parties about the changed information.

6-Companies make promotional materials to give gifts to their customers or third parties on special days such as dealer meetings, fairs and New Year's Eve.

7-Companies make promotional materials to give gifts to their staff or visitors.
We explained why people or institutions have promotional materials made. So what is the second stage?
I think it is one of the most important steps.

What should this product or products be? According to what product selection should be made?

1- First of all, the reason why we have promotional materials should be taken into consideration.

2- It should be a promotional material suitable for your field of activity and sector.

3- It should be done in an amount neither above or below your need.

4- Promotional materials should be made according to the place to be distributed.

5- It should be a product that will be useful to the audience to which you will give the promotional material.

6- A new promotional material should be chosen as different as possible, taking into account the work of your competitors in this regard.

7- The promotional material or materials to be selected are suitable for your budget.

8- Determining a budget according to the purpose of using the promotional material or materials and determining a product suitable for it.
9- The promotional material or materials you will choose are the right product for your purpose.

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