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It is the most important marketing and advertising tool used by the retailer to communicate with the customer. In other words, they are advertisements that basically contain low-priced products that markets publish in-store or through newspapers, especially during promotional periods. Inserts P.O.P. It can be placed in the store or at the entrance of the store as advertising material.

Since inserts are used for advertising purposes, they can be effective in one-shot advertisements. Such as single and half page advertisements of generally accepted products on the middle or last pages.

Since the main philosophy of the inserts is to increase sales through price reduction, there is no detailed introduction about the product. (pack shot) and the weight, volume information, price of the product before and after the discount are included in the inserts. Retailers try to attract customers with different discounts in the inserts, and even within the framework of the practice, sometimes called "loss leader", which means a price application even below the cost price, the retailer can sell their soft drink products at a loss or with profit margins close to zero. In the context of this practice, the retailer aims to attract customers to the store and to make a profit, especially in terms of other high-priced products. For the customer, the insert is important in determining the shopping preference. It is seen as rewarding the intense loyalty and dependency of the customers of those stores in bringing 'insert' applications to the application points in some countries, almost according to the stores.

With the prepared insert;

- Discounts,

- Campaigns,

- Number of installments and banks worked with,

- Company contact information

- Celebrations of important days

- Social campaigns and announcements are communicated to customers.

Points to be considered while preparing the insert

- Developing customer-specific inserts. Selected products are products that will attract the attention of customers,

- Good product quality.

- Good market price research.

- Ensuring the availability of insert products in stores until the end of the insert,

- Good print quality of the insert,

- The product pictures and price information in the insert are not wrong.

- Detailed product information (Weight, Features, Quantity, etc.)

- The old price of the product must be written. - Proper distribution. It is the most efficient for the customer to enter his home (at the entrance of the store, from the hand to the mailboxes of the apartment, by mail, in the supplement of the daily newspaper). Direct entry to the customer's home.

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