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What is Web Design?
Web design is the designs prepared for companies or individuals to represent them in the internet environment for certain purposes. Unlike graphic design, web design includes graphic design, software, HTML CSS and javascript coding. In order for web design to be effective, certain analyzes and planning are required before starting the work. Today, many institutions and individuals have web design done in order to promote themselves effectively and to increase their accessibility. Web design reflects the appearance of a company in the internet environment.
Why is Web Design Important?
Well, as in every job, you can get the most efficiency when your web design is done by experts in the field. Web design includes many details and areas of expertise.
In order for companies to promote themselves effectively and to have prestige in the internet environment, they first need a good web design. In order to reach more customers and users, you should have quality web design. With the increasing competition conditions in the internet environment, it is not enough just to have a website. You can be the winner of the competition with a professional web design prepared with a good strategy. That's why today companies are making serious investments for corporate website design activities.
We Should Think Versatile While Making Web Design
In the light of all this information, as web design professionals, we can create a perfect user-friendly interface (UI / UX) design for a satisfying web experience. We can transform the design to be used into a simple, elegant and artistic structure after the critical planning and analysis process. While doing all this, not forgetting to pay attention to individual or corporate customer characteristics and wishes will bring success.
Web Design Elements
As in every branch of design, studies are carried out by creating certain main lines in web design. We present these to you in short titles below, and we share with you the tips of a quality work.
Layout: The graphics and texts to be used should be in a certain order. An important goal of websites is to help users quickly find the information they are looking for at first glance. This is a situation that can be valid together with the design being balanced, consistent and maintaining its integrity in order.
Color: Color selection is dependent on customer wishes and purpose; While this can be done simply with black and white colors, a person's or an organization's personality and brand can be expressed by using web-friendly colors.
Graphics: Graphics for web design can be used as logos, photos, clipart or icons. It should not be too cramped in terms of ease of use, it should not affect the opening speed of the page, it should be compatible with the content of the web page, and it should be positioned appropriately.
Fonts: You can improve the design quality of a website by using a variety of fonts. Most web browsers can only legibly display what are known as "web-safe fonts", so as a designer it's worth being careful working with fonts in this widely accepted group.
Content: Content and design can work together to enhance the message of the site through images and text. In order to surprise the readers and arouse their enthusiasm, it is necessary to give them what they want, in this way, users will spend more time on the site. The written text you use should always be relevant and useful. They should contain keywords relevant to the content, be optimized for search engines, and be of appropriate length.

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