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What is casting?
Cast are the actors who take part in front of the camera in a production. Casting agencies are companies that present these models to the screen and find alternative actors. These agencies keep their players ready for various projects. They also act as legal managers of these people. Casting agencies are mostly anonymous, unknown people. Today, many models and actors you see on the screens and on the catwalks depend on a casting agency. Being famous is a bit of luck. However, in order to increase this possibility, it is important for the actor or model to do his best and improve himself.
What is Cast Work?
Casting is the determination of the actors who will play in projects such as movies, TV series and advertisements produced by production companies, by analyzing them according to their roles. Casting directors and casting agencies do the casting work.
Casting agencies are companies that play a role in identifying actors and presenting actors to the necessary producers. For example, when a producer is going to shoot a commercial, they can apply to this agency and interview the actors from the cast list and choose the ones they find suitable for the roles. In this respect, the casting agency is a kind of management agency. If your application to the casting agency is approved, in case of an offer, an agreement is made and a certain amount is left to the casting agency. For this reason, the casting agency keeps your testimonial during the contract. Therefore, the casting agency tries to do its best to choose its own actor and model and tries to make you more talented by training you more in this direction.

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